Our Team

DNA Genics is committed to help you to know yourself better.

Mission and Vision

To provide people extended information with insights about their DNA through our easy-to-understand reports that help them learn and go further in the interpretation of their DNA while knowing everything about their genetics, ancestry, traits, and health.

What we do

DNA Genics is offering DNA testing and interpretation direct to consumer (DTC) by using a state-of-the-art ancestry algorithm that delivers the results that matter.

We believe that knowing more about your genetics can help you to develop a better understanding of your family history or genealogy and learn from relatives or historical documentation.

The results provided are complete and accurate to the extent possible thus portraying a true picture of customers’ DNA. Moreover, the data provided is 100% secure and encrypted against cyber security threats.

Core Values

Our guiding principles

Privacy : We never compromise on privacy as the information shared by our customers is always confidential, 100% secure & encrypted against cyber security threats.

Accuracy : We try to deliver accurate results by using our algorithm that is thoroughly tried and tested.

Integrity : We are honest and loyal to our customers and adhere to moral ethics and never share their DNA with third parties.

Customer Care : We value our customers and are dedicated to delivering the best we can utilize all the available resources.


Since 2018 exploring the human genome

DNA Genics is online

As part of a deep interest on genetics, DNA Genics is founded. The first release of Admixture Studio and DNA Kit Studio is online.


> 10.000 downloads of Admixture Studio
> 5.000 downloads of DNA Kit Studio.
> 200 active users uses in daily basis our tools.+200 analysis per day
> Released Admixture Studio PRO, new advanced features for admiture analysis


> 50.000 downloads of Admixture Studio. +350 analysis per day
> 4.000 downloads of DNA Kit Studio
> G25 Studio is released. 2.400 downloads. 100 active users a day


> New website and new ancestry and traits report based on a ancestry algorithm
> Admixture Studio: 67.000 downloads. +350 analysis / day
> DNA Kit Studio: 5.000 downloads
> G25 Studio: 2.400 downloads. 100 active users / day


> Added +20 ancestry reports, +200 traits reports
> Development of a ancestry algorithm, genomewide and local ancestry inference
> Admixture Studio: +89.000 downloads. +500 analysis / day
> DNA Kit Studio: +30.000 downloads
> G25 Studio: +24.900 downloads. 200 active users / day


> Added +50 ancestry reports
> New reports: Shared Roots - A SNP level analysis of your genome and ancient samples
> Launch of Exclusive Admixture Reports: +30 ADMIXTURE calculators, not available anywhere
> Ancestry Studio: +1M analysis
> New Services: Phasing, Imputation, Merging, Admixture calculator creation, VCF to RAW converter