G25 Studio

Eurogenes Global 25 (G25) ancestry test has become the most accurate test that anyone can be found out in the noncommercial market. Get your G25 coordinates to get the most detailed ancestry breakdown.

G25 Studio provides a library of ancestry +100 calculators created by the G25 community and a set of tools to ease the analysis of your ancestry by using the G25 coordinates.

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How to get your G25 coordinates

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The tools featured in G25 Studio are the followings:

  • All-in-one interface:
    • Updated library of G25 calculators
    • Population selection for each run
  • Oracle (*PRO):
    • Mixed Mode
    • 1 Population
    • 2 Populations
    • 3 Populations
    • 4 Populations
  • Montecarlo:
    • Standard nMonte
    • Distance
    • Aggregates calculation
    • Multiethnic algorithm to improve the breakdown and avoid overfits (*PRO)
    • Top 10 alternative montecarlo reulsts(*PRO)
    • Custom population proportions(*PRO)
  • Population Analysis
  • PCA:
    • Principal Components selection to compare PCs
    • Zooming and selection

Once you get your G25 coordinates (original or Synthetic), you will receive a set of coordinates with the following format: “JohnDoe_scaled,0.02312,-123.12,………………..” up to 25 values.

G25 Studio Configuration G25 Studio Montecarlo G25 Studio PCA G25 Studio Oracle