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Eurogenes Global 25 (G25) The Eurogenes Global 25 (G25) ancestry test has become the most powerful ancestry modeling test available in the noncommercial market. Obtain your G25 coordinates to receive the most detailed ancestry breakdown.

G25 Studio offers a library of over 100 ancestry calculators developed by the G25 community, along with a set of tools that facilitate the analysis of your ancestry using the G25 coordinates.

How to get your G25 coordinates

You can order any of our Starter Pack, Explorer pack, or imputation services to get your G25 coordinates. Go to Store


The tools featured in G25 Studio are the followings:

  • All-in-one interface:
    • Updated library of G25 calculators
    • Customizable populations
    • Different type of visualizations:
      • Tables
      • Maps
      • Charts
      • Clusters
  • Oracle:
    • Mixed Mode
    • 1 Population (Your estimate)
    • 2 Populations (Parents)
    • 3 Populations (Two grandparents from same population, two from different origins) PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • 4 Populations (Grandparents) (*PRO)
  • Montecarlo:
    • Standard Montecarlo
    • Distance Methods:
      • Euclidean
      • Manhattan
      • Chebyshev
    • Group populations: Aggregate the results from the same super populations
    • Top 10 alternative montecarlo results PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • Custom population proportions PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
  • Analysis Tools
    • PCA (Principal Component Analysis)
    • MDS (MultiDimensional Scaling) PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • UMAP (Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection) PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis) PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • t-SNE (t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding) PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • Pearson Correlation PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • K-Means Clustering PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • Dendrogram PRO Only. Upgrade PRO
    • Treegram PRO Only. Upgrade PRO

The format for G25 coordinates is as follows: "JohnDoe_scaled,0.02312,-123.12,..." with a sequence of up to 25 numerical values.

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