DNA Kit Studio

Windows graphical application to convert and analyze DNA RAW Data from several Direct-To-Consumer DNA companies:

  • 23andme v2, v3, v4, v5
  • Ancestry v1, v2
  • FTDNA v1.0 (until January 2019)
  • FTDNA v1.1 (since January 2019)
  • MyHeritage v1, v2
  • Geno
  • VCF


  • VCF/gVCF to RAW converter
  • RAW to RAW converter
  • RAW Merger (single and batch merger)
  • RAW Explorer
  • RAW Segment Comparer
  • RAW Chromosome Extract
  • RAW Segment Extract
  • RAW Manipulator
  • RAW Comparer
  • RAW Analyzer

gVCF Support

This tool support gVCF, but only for variant positions. We are working on support NON-REF position.

Human Genome Reference Support

(Optional) To convert VCF/gVCF to a RAW format and annotating the positions, please download and unzip the Human Genome Reference from OpenBioInformatics

The size of the uncompressed file is around 6 Gigabytes.

Note: When using this option, the process can be slower than normal.


This application requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System, minimum Windows 7.


The downloaded file is a ZIP file. This file contains everything you have to run the application.

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file in any known folder
  2. Run the file named “DnaKitStudio.exe”
  3. The main window will show


This application respect your privacy, keeping every process and outcome just in your computer. It does not upload your RAW data to any server, it run the processes in your own computer.


This application is still in beta, so please keep in mind that there might be errors and we are not liable for any error or misusing. Remember to backup all your files. Feel free to use it.


Any trademark is owned solely to the owner’s company.