DNA Imputation

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Do you know that your RAW file does not contain all the DNA information required to cover all the available ancestry, traits or health reports?

The reason your RAW DNA file may not cover all the available reports is that it contains only approximately 700,000 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). These SNPs represent specific genetic variations, and while they provide valuable information, they do not encompass the entirety of the genome. To generate comprehensive reports, a broader and more detailed set of genetic data, including a larger number of SNPs, is needed. DNA RAW file imputation can extend the amount of SNPs (DNA data) from 700.000 SNPs to 30 million SNPs.

We provide a RAW DNA file imputation service

Our service facilitates the imputation of any RAW DNA data file, upgrading it from approximately 700,000 SNPs to 30 million SNPs using the latest versions of BEAGLE, BCFTOOLS, and the 1000 Genomes human reference panel. Please be aware that we only perform imputation on RAW files using the HG19 reference. This human genome reference is utilized by leading ancestry and genealogy companies.

Upon completion of the imputation process, you will receive the following:

  • A large file containing 30 million SNPs in 23andme RAW format (approx. 250 MB in a compressed ZIP file). This file can be converted to other RAW DNA file formats using PLINK or DNA Kit Studio.
  • A small file containing 2.5 million SNPs in 23andme RAW format (approx. 20 MB in a compressed ZIP file), which is ready to be uploaded to websites such as Gedmatch, Promethease and many more.

Please note that the imputation process only applies to chromosomes 1-22 and does not cover MTDNA or YDNA.

Which raw data formats are supported?

How can I order it?

Upload your RAW file, then visit our store and select the most convenient option for you:

  1. You have the option to order the Imputation service.
  2. You can also choose the Explore Pack, which includes multiple reports, the imputed file, and phased files (containing 50% of the Parents' DNA).

How long does it take?

The process takes up to 72 hours to be ready.

Where can I upload the RAW file that has been imputed?

The RAW file, once imputed, can be uploaded to various websites such as Gedmatch, YourDnaPortal, and many others.