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Unlock the insights of your DNA using our comprehensive collection of 500 reports


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Tracing Roots

Tracing Ancestry: A Journey from Prehistoric Times to the Modern Era

Shared Modern Origins

Discover the secrets of your ancestry with our shared modern ancestry analysis. Discover the rich history and cultures that make up your unique genetic makeup.

Shared Ancient Origins

Discover which populations of the world share pieces of DNA with you thanks to common ancient populations that divided their paths across the world.

Ancient Composition

Explore the ancient world and learn about your own genetic ancestry by discovering which ancient samples have the closest genetic distance to you.

Farmer and Hunter-Gatherer

Discover your farmer and hunter-gatherers composition and uncover the rich history of these populations

Deep Ancient Before C.E.
Chromosomal Similarity Analysis

Discover the regions of your DNA where we discovered genetic resemblances to ancient populations from 10.000 BCE to 1 AD.

Deep Ancient Current Era
Chromosomal Similarity Analysis

Discover the regions of your DNA where we discovered genetic resemblances to ancient populations from 1 AD to 1.900 AD

Deep Modern
Chromosomal Similarity Analysis

This report reveals how many tiny pieces of your genetic signature is found in other modern populations.

Neanderthal Report

Discover how much DNA and genetic traits you have inherited from the Neanderthals, these hominids who coexisted with humans for 5,000 years.

Denisovan Report

Find out how much of your genome resembles that of the ancient Denisovans, who lived alongside modern humans until 30,000 years ago.

Viking Report

Discover how your genome is connected to the Vikings of Europe, learn about where they came from, their customs and genetics.

30+ Exclusive Amixture reports

Enjoy exploring over 30 admixture reports that analyze your ancestral makeup from various perspectives.

Maternal Haplogroup

Discover your maternal lineage and trace back in time to the first women from which your maternal line derived.

Paternal Haplogroup

Discover your paternal lineage and trace back in time to the first men from which your paternal line derived.

500+ Reports for a deeper insight of your genome

Uncovering Your Genetic Makeup: A Comprehensive Analysis

The Latest Analysis Methods

The latest analysis method to analyze your ancestry

Our advanced technology leverages the latest scientific breakthroughs in genomics and genetic analysis, ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive and precise ancestry results available. Through the use of advanced algorithms, our algorithms analyze your unique DNA composition to unveil a vivid picture of your ancestral origins.

Discover the diversity of your genetic heritage as our technology explores the intricacies of your DNA. Our genome analysis tools delve deep into your genetic code, examining thousands of genetic markers to pinpoint the regions from which your ancestors originated. With our cutting-edge technology, we can identify not only broad geographic regions but also specific populations, providing a richer and more detailed understanding of your ancestry.

  • Admixture Analysis

    Obtain the genetic admixture that closely resembles your DNA

  • Admixture Chromosomal Analysis

    Obtain the genetic admixture that closely resembles your DNA at chromosomal level

  • Genetic Similarity Report

    Analyze the modern and ancient samples that closely resembles your DNA

  • Genetic Similarity Report for Chromosomal Segments

    Obtain the genetic admixture that closely resembles your DNA at a chromosomal level

  • Identity By State Analysis Report

    Discover the segments of DNA you share with ancient and modern samples

  • G25 and Oracle Analysis

    Model your ancestry to find the best fit breakdown of your ancestry

  • Haplogroups

    Predict your haplogroups and find samples that matches yours

Explore Your Global Ancestry

Explore Your Ancestry with Over 200 Populations from 40 Regions Worldwide

Global and Chromosomal Admixture Analysis

All of our admixture reports provide you with a distinctive opportunity to analyze your ancestry at both the global and chromosomal levels.

200+ traits reports

Find what makes you unique.

We have made a significant achievement by using powerful new methodologies to increase the number of mutations studied in our genetic test from over 700 000 to tens of millions. This allows us to improve the accuracy of our results and constantly update them with the latest scientific studies.

Our database is frequently updated with informative traits based solely on genomics research published in scientific databases (Cell, Nature, PubMed)


Unlock the full potential of your DNA data with our advanced tools for analysis and transformation

DNA Studio
Unlock the full potential of your DNA data with our advanced tools for analysis and transformation
RAW File Analyzer
Analyze your RAW file
RAW File Comparer
Compare two DNA files and find out if they are related
Imputed/Extend RAW File
Extend your DNA file up to 30M SNPs
RAW File Merger
Merge up to 5 DNA files to improve your ancestry and DNA matching
RAW File Phaser
Phase your RAW file
Obtain a report generated from the CLINVAR health and traits database.
RAW to VCF Converter
Convert a RAW file to VCF DNA format
VCF to RAW Converter
Convert a VCF file to RAW DNA format
WGS to RAW Converter
Convert a WGS file to RAW DNA format

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  • 40+ Exclusive Admixture Reports
  • Haplogroups: MTDNA and YDNA
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about DNA Genics. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team.

How my privacy is protected? +

We place a high priority on your privacy. We use industry-standard security practices to keep your DNA test results and other personal information. We also preserve DNA test results and samples anonymously, without identifying information such as names or other identifiers.
For more information on privacy at DNA Genics, see the Privacy Statement.

Uploading to DNA Genics, which companies do we accept? +

We accept RAW DNA files from the following companies:


  • Do not edit or modify the file. Do not open it with Excel or any other tool. It can corrupt the file.
  • Please, upload your RAW DNA file as it is downloaded from your testing company.
  • Do not attempt to upload a converted file you've downloaded from our site. There is no benefit to uploading it.
  • We accept merged RAW DNA files.
How often the ancestry reports are updated? +
Our goal is to update the ancestry report twice a year. Whenever the ancestry report is updated, you will receive an email and the report will display the date when it was updated.


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