RAW DNA Phasing

Genetic phasing is the process of figuring out from each parent which copy of a gene a person has gotten. This is important because many genetic traits and conditions are determined by the specific combination of genes that a person has inherited. By analyzing the genetic phase of a person’s genes, researchers and medical professionals can gain a better understanding of their genetic makeup and potential health risks. 

Why DNA phasing is useful for genetic genealogy and admixture?

DNA phasing is useful for ancestry and genetic genealogy because it allows you to determine the specific ancestry and DNA matches that you inherited from your parents.

DNA Genics can phase your DNA

Phasing your results will give you two files, one from your mother and the other from your father. Each file will have the same number of SNPs, but each SNP's genotype is from your parent.

There are three phasing types:

  • Phasing without parents' DNA: 90% accuracy
  • Duo phasing - Child + One Parent: 98% accuracy
  • Trio phasing - Child + Two Parents: 99% accuracy

What service should I order?

If you have not tested either parent, you should order "Phasing without parents' DNA."

If you have tested at least one parent, you should order "DUO/TRIO phasing" and select the file for that parent.

If you have tested both parents, you should order "DUO/TRIO phasing" and select the files for both parents.

Some scenarios that can be useful phasing your RAW DNA file:

  1. DNAGENICS: Your reports will be separated by each parent.
  2. Other ancestry reports: you will be get a report for each parent.

How long does it take?

The process takes up to 48 hours to be ready.

What is included in the phasing service?

The phasing service includes the following:

  1. Two phased RAW files (Parent 1, Parent 2) ready to be downloaded.
  2. A Starter Pack for each phased file (Parent 1, Parent 2).


The phasing process is only performed for the chromosomes 1-22

Which is the file from my mother/father?
When phasing using the service without parent's DNA, we can't tell which side is which when phasing is done without parents.
If we phase your DNA against, at least one parent, the DUO Phasing service, you will receive two files Parent 1 and Parent 2. In Duo Phasing, Parent 1 refers to the chosen parent's RAW file.
However, in the Trio Phasing service, Parent 1 corresponds to the first selected file during the service ordering, while Parent 2 refers to the other one.

In Duo or Trio phasing, the content of the parents' files consists of the shared Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) between the child's file and the parents' files. SNPs that are not shared cannot be phased, so they are not included in the phased files.

Why do I need to take a DNA test of my parent when I can take a DNA test of myself and phase it?
Each file only contains 50% of each parent, so you still need to test your parents to get their full DNA.

Which raw data formats are supported